Friday, 21 August 2009


Just recieved a letter of the taxi licensing officer.

"I have now received several complaints from both Hackney Carriage Drivers and Private Hire Drivers ranking illegaly outside the Hot Potato on William Street. I f this continues to happen, random night time checks will be carried out through the week, including weekends.

Any driver found to be illegaly parking or attempting to park in this area on William Street, or illegaly parking on Cavindish Street will face enforcement action.

However I hope the above formality will not be necessary and illegal ranking and parking will stop with immediate effect"

Well this has gone on for as long as I can remember and were talking right back to my youth before I even thought about Taxi Driving. I honestly cant see the problem and I am not being biased. Ive only been a Hackney Driver for one year before this I was Private Hire and there is plenty of work for all to be had. I must admit I have been guilty of this in the past I didnt know it was illegal because eveyone has been doing it for years. I cant see it stoping and no doubt the officer from the town hall will be out doing his checks. Just another hastle we dont need so I will be staying away. I think its about time we had a rank in Cavindish Street there is definetly the need for one as the one on Cornwalis Street goes on for Miles.


  1. Agree with you there. A rank on Cornweallis Street is whats needed and not in places thast are never used. The council put a rank on Abbey Rd near the jcn of Dalkieth street a few year back as they wouldnt permit one outside the nines. Then after that they changed their mind. Whats the point in the rank at the Bluebird Club. Never used...

    If there are complaints about illeghal raniking outside the hot potato then why does no one mention the illegal rank on Lawson street outside Scorpio. Its not an official rank and why do ordinary cars seem to think its ok top park on the Dalton Road rank outside Diggles and get away with it.

    I`ve been a hackney driver since 1995 and was provate hire before that andf have seen the changes and the cosk ups the council has made and their erros paid for by us mugs.

    And another thing. If a council enforcement officer is gonna come out and check on us at midnight on a saturday night then whos gonna pay his wages and I bet he will want double time for call out

  2. To right Bill the one outside Diggles I use it during the day because its to full on cornwalis. Never had a job of it though I use it as more of a place to wait in town so I dont get a parking ticket. Thats if i can get on it, and last night nobody took a blind bit of notice and were still ranking at cavindish street so lets wait and see.