Tuesday, 18 August 2009


Just got my Car back from the Garage and it wasn't cheap. New springs, Sub frame out and new bushes, New brake disks and brake pads, New airflow meter , New tyre and a full service. So this should be running with no problems for a good while I hope. The thing thats realy strange is coming from a six seater to a car I feel like im driving around on my arse. It wont take long before im used to it again but ill have to take it easy until the brakes have beded in.


  1. I right there with you on this one brother. I've just got my car back today after the bottom ball joint dropping out. £830 later! Not impressed.
    Nice blog. For some reason I never would have expected a cabbie to write a blog. Having said that who better to write a blog than a cabbie. You must have some tales

  2. hi mac luckily I rent the cab of my firm, unfortunatly it costs 5k a year but at least when somthing major goes wrong i dont have a big bill all at once