Sunday, 27 September 2009


Driving back into town last night after a no show in Ulverston feeling a bit pissed off I was offerd a job in Dalton. All was not lost at least I wouldnt be going back empty. The job was at Chequres Hotel so it was probably a wedding do or birthday party not the best place to pick up from they usualy take ages to come out if at all but id give it a shot and take it as a Cigarete break to give them the extra time it usualy takes them to get a move on.

As i pulled up into the Car Park it was more busy than usual. BANG! the lad hit the floor. I sat there watching waiting for the victim to return to his feet but no movement ten seconds passed still no movement. This lad was spark out. It seemed safe enough for me to get out and make sure he was ok, Its not the first time ive had to do this and I hate doing it in volitile enviroments. The usual crack melodramatic women full of drink making matters worse from what i could gather this was the start of the incident also. The lad was a bit bloody but coming around no need for my further attention so I retreated to my car an ambulance arived. It looked like it was going to kick of again as one buy one men came out of the building sruting like ape like creatures and women doing the usual gobbing off some made their way towards me obviously wound up and wanting to leave whilst the bride is running around with a cigarete hanging from her mouth (classy bird).

My spider scences started tingling there was no way I was being draged into this crap it was time to leave. Infact I just went home.

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  1. Hate picking up at any wedding do. Chequers, Lisdoonie and Abbey House are all the same. It seems the man come sout and says "Just waiting for the wide". She comes out some 10 minutes later saying, "I had to say goodbye to everyone".

    Why is it that mewn will wave and shout to everyone "Seeya Were off now" and l;eave it at that but women hjave to go round each and every individual and say goodbye. Whats the point