Friday, 11 September 2009


My fare got in the Cab I took one look at her bandaged arm "Hospital love ?" good gues. She told me that yesterday a Staffy had been set on her by a neighbour that had a grudge. It had tore her arm and hand to bits, She was pulled to the floor and draged up the street. The owner was shouting to her that when her husband comes out of the house he will get the dog of her (probably to set the dog on him also I think). This attack I was told lasted about 10 minuets, with half the street out watching. Were they to scared to help or just didnt want to get involved?

Eventualy lucky for her a man came out to her rescue, He grabbed the dog by its back legs and pulled them apart. The staffy would not let go until the point were he would have broke its legs and pulled its rib cage apart!. He managed to get the dog off after these extreme measures and would you believe it, It only took the police 45 minuetes to arive! what a joke they are.

This dog is known to the police it has had 8 reports against it. It is also not alowed out without a muzzle. It is now in kennals until the court case as the dog is inocent until proven guilty lol, and to add insult to injury he is denying ownership of the dog.


  1. Ugly ill tempered in-bred beasts. The dogs aren't any better.
    They're one of the few offensive weapons you can stroll down the street with, set on people and deny all responsibility. Something that needs addressing.

  2. The lady is still getting treatment I was in a/e today and she was sat behined me the lad has been bailed to a diffrent address.