Sunday, 13 September 2009


You meet some right smelly ba****ds in this job! The great unwashed, what is wrong with these people? Some of them are that bad if they bathed in s**t it would actualy tone the smell down. Then you get the one's that know they stink and try to mask it with deoderant. I dont know if this smells worse or not. I simpily cant explain what its like to be in a cab with these people there realy is no words to describe it. You get to know the great unwashed by adress or name and avoid them but sometimes you get caught out. There is actualy a family in this town that every shop keeper, cabbie ,bus driver even joe public know they are a local legend written into history for evermore all because of there oudor de naturel.

I remember getting a job one night and the Driver I was talking to started laughing and passed me a can of air freshener. Oh great do I let somebody else do it? Well it was a quiet night and I needed the Money, So I decided to bite the Bullet and crack on. I pulled into the Street and put my Window down. It was raining so I was going to get wet as well, I then give the car a generous spraying of air freshener and put the heater on full, well it was a winters night I was going to get wet and my nose burnt but I didn't want to be cold aswell. All this for a couple of pounds!

If only I'd payed attention, I wouldn't have felt so embarased. I had managed by sheer luck (or bad luck) to have done this outside my fare's house and they were stood on the Doorstep watching me go through my little routine of anti body oudor warfare. I made excuses of my last fare being a little smelly but I just had this gut feeling they didn't believe me. From that Day onwards I have always done my little routine around the cornner.

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  1. I`m more straight to the point. Picked a fare up not too long ago and wound the window down when he got in. He asked me if I was hot and I said "NO". He then asked me why I had the window down to which my reply was "Cos you smell and are stinking out my car". He shut up and never said another word on the journey but I`ve always been straight to the point. If I`ve anything to say then I say it and if it upsets anyone then thats just tough. Everyones entitled to an opinion.

    The alternative is to I tell the truth or do I make an answer up to make them feel better. Truth every time and straight to the point. I was exactly the same on my late night radio phone in I used to present. Tell it as it is..