Tuesday, 29 September 2009


I dont mind helping you load your shoping into the boot but don't just stand there talking on your phone while I do it all. This happened the other day I thought she would finish her call and help. Nope she would have let me do it all, halfway through I just got back in my car and waited until she realised that no one was doing her work for her. Some people are realy rude.


  1. Ya veo que la mala educación se lleva en todos los lugares del mundo.

    Aquí en Zaragoza, lo que el cliente paga es: LA OCUPACION DE MALETERO, pero NO el trabajo de cargar con sus maletas...

    Por humanidad SI, pero por comodidad NO.


  2. Mi español no es muy buena, pero tuvo la idea de lo que saiud la educación acerca de los pobres.

  3. Al.. I had a similar situation this week except that the person that was yapping away on the mobile ddint seem too impressed with me when once again I opened my big mouth and told her to hep get her shopping in the boot as the meter was ticking. The meter wasnt really ticking but next time it happens I will put it on.

    She carried on the conversation in the car and I had my music radio on and she had the cheek to tell me to turn the radio off as she was on the phone.

    I turned it down a bit but she insisted I turned it off and shouted at me. I then opened my big gobn again and told her that if I was asked nicely then I may have considered it but.... Oh listen to that.. theres a soing I like... I turned it up. Instead of terminating her phone call she carried on the call shouting down the phone to whoever was on the other end.