Wednesday, 21 October 2009


Its been a weird day and it isn't over yet, The first thing I encounterd was unbelievable, As I was going around the Roundabout I met a Car coming towards me. What that was all about is anybody's guess he mounted the Roundabot when he saw me approaching and just stared straight ahead didn't even aknowledge me god only knows what he was thinking. I didn't even rise to his stupidity and carried on. The next thing I saw i found particualy strange a Horse walking around a field backwards it looked realy odd, My passenger and I looked at each other and started to laugh we just couldnt believe what we were seeing, The next thing I saw was realy cool, a dog carrying its owners shopping for them in a good old Tesco bag I doubt I could get my Dog to do the same.

Overhearing a conversation this morning a girl is realy annoyed at her boyfriend he keeps her awake at night drinking with his mates while she is trying to get some sleep before work (shes also pregnant). At the end of her patience she pours her urine sample in his whiskey and happily watches him and his mates drink it before going back to bed. Never get between a women and her sleep!

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