Friday, 2 October 2009


Driving through Town today my Fare remarked how the Flowers around Town looked realy nice and how they brightened the place up, I had to agree with her they do, Its probably the only positive thing the Council have actualy managed to do for this Town everything thing else they do seems to be a joke to be honnest. Anyway I just couldn't help Myself, I told her they weren't real and they are infact Plastic even the ones on the Roundabouts. Realy? Yes its all down to health and safety you know! She now looked at me with a confused expresion. So I explained to her that due to a new EU rule people were now free to sue the council if they suffered from Hayfever. I suffer from Hayfever she says. No win no fee love no win no fee! I could tell that this had her thinking, Wonder if she trys to follow it up lol, One born every minuete. Mind you the way things are I wouldn't be surprised if some lawyer said there is a case, Well you know how things are these days.

Passenger taps His Taxi Driver on the Shoulder. The Driver S***s Himself, swerves, Nearly hits a Bus and stops inches from a Shop Window.
"Jesus your jumpy arent you? I only tapped your Shoulder" says the Passenger.
"Sorry" says the Cabbie
"Its my first Day. Ive been Driving a bloody Hearse for the last 20 years!!"

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