Wednesday, 7 October 2009


What ever happened to the game of conkers? Nobody seems to play it anymore is it down to the pc brigade banning it in schools or making children wear saftey goggles? You dont even see Children playing the age old game outside of Schools. I think its a shame, My other half thinks im old fashioned. When I was a child and september came that was it the conkers would be out in force. Come break time the Playground would be awash with Conker players all in competition to have the Conker with the most kills. These games would continue on the way home from School with a very slow walk. Sometimes it would take ages to get home and Mother would want to know were the hell you had been. There would be evidence of these matches all around especialy in the Playground the remains of broken Conkers all around troden into the Ground. We used to have ways of making the Conker harder such as baking them, Painting them in Nail Varnish, Soaking them in vinegar, Keeping them in the airing Cupboard or just using and old champion from a previous Year. I used to take My Children to the A6 near Kendal to collect them as they were numerous with many a Carrier Bag coming Home plenty to go around and no doubt used for trading for Football stickers or Sweets. My Son wasn't intrested this year nobody bothers anymore he said . Well it looks like we have lost another good old English tradition and I think it's sad.

Here is a link if you don't know what its all about


  1. Used to love conkers, in the mid 60s to mid 70s. The other kids would pay a FORTUNE for a half pound bag of big, nice shinny conkers. It was a DREAM to find your "own tree".

    Now, many years later, I live in Berlin. Within a half kilometer radius of my house, I could pick up THOUSANDS of them.

    They are just left, abandoned, smashed, CRUSHED under the feet of uncaring youth, who would not know what to do with them if you gave them an instruction book...WITH pictures.

    It really is SAD.

    Even now, I can not resist picking up the particularly good looking ones. Old habits die hard.

  2. hello von i remember spending many an hour throwing sticks at trees trying to get them down, all they want to do is play with computers today. A bit like us now lol

  3. Quite.

    I have heard it was different when the British army were still here with their families. THOSE kids knew what conkers are for!